66 things that entrepreneurship doesn’t care about:

  1. Your age.
  2. If you have a degree or where you went to school.
  3. How “lucky” you are.
  4. Where you live or where you were born.
  5. How much you “deserve” it.
  6. How many followers you have.
  7. Who your mom or dad are.
  8. Your background.
  9. How much you “grind.”
  10. Your business plan.
  11. How much money you’ve raised.
  12. Your idea.
  13. Your triumphs.
  14. Your failures.
  15. Who you know.
  16. How bad you want it.
  17. Your title.
  18. How much experience you have.
  19. Your resume.
  20. Your debt.
  21. How much time you spend at the office.
  22. How much you sacrifice.
  23. How you’re feeling.
  24. What day it is.
  25. The competition.
  26. What you did yesterday.
  27. How far you’ve come.
  28. Perfection.
  29. Your race, sex, nationality, or religion.
  30. How passionate you are about your idea.
  31. If you go on vacation.
  32. Your logo.
  33. Your mission statement.
  34. Your inventory.
  35. All the “numbers.”
  36. Your professional head shots.
  37. Your bio.
  38. Your LinkedIn profile.
  39. Your problems.
  40. Your “to-do” list.
  41. Your bills.
  42. How you spend your “free” time.
  43. What your cell phone looks like.
  44. Your health.
  45. Your mood.
  46. Your excuses.
  47. Why you can’t.
  48. Your dreams.
  49. Your goals.
  50. Your regrets.
  51. Your vision.
  52. Your past.
  53. Your personality.
  54. Your bank account.
  55. How you look.
  56. How nice you are.
  57. Your name.
  58. Your plans.
  59. Your strengths.
  60. Your weaknesses.
  61. Your kids.
  62. How much you work.
  63. What else you have going on.
  64. What kind of car you drive.
  65. How big your house is.
  66. You.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t discriminate. We’re all on a level playing field. We all get the same 24-hours a day.

That’s what makes it so great. We all have the same opportunity to improve our lives. We just have to take it.

All what it cares about is that you make money. How do you make money?

You offer something that helps people, you find a lot of people thatВ need your help, and you continue to help them and make them happy.

But before all that can happen, you need to put in the time and the work.

So stop making excuses and get to work. Your future self will thank you!