I’m Marc the Shark (bonus points if you know how I got this nickname) and this is the Self Employed Movement.

It’s the most awesome money making blog in the universe….according to my dog. Thanks Odi. You’re a good boy!


If you’re reading this, chances are good that you’re interested in making money outside of your job. You might be a freelancer, a side hustler, a business owner, or a combination of all three.

To me, to become self-employed would be the holy grail.

I started the blog a few years ago when I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, was supposed to do a (basically) unpaid internship with a life insurance company, ended up in the Emergency Room because of my job, and got fired from my corporate bank job all within a few months.

Making money and getting out of debt were big priorities in my life at the time but I didn’t do much of either and I was bored and depressed.

My life was in shambles and I was looking for direction.

I took a seasonal job with my friend’s event rental company while I planned my next move and figured things out.

A year later and I’m the Operations Manager and I’m happier than ever. I’m in great shape, I’m off my blood pressure medicine, and I get to work with my wife. It’s a small business where I truly make a difference unlike my previous corporate job where I was just a number.

I write about side hustling, making money, micro businesses, debt, money, finance, and I rant from time to time.

I enjoy making money and building businesses in my spare time.

I sell old books using BookScouter. I sell stuff on Etsy and eBay. I use Shopify to run my online business. I make some money by taking pictures of my grocery receipts with Ibotta. I’m Marc the Shark, this is the Self Employed Movement, and yes, those are affiliate links.