Our new manifesto

Like Maggie, you may have noticed that my tone has drastically changed recently from the usual, bitter doom and gloom to something a lot more positive.

So why stop with only 2 posts? It’s time to update our manifesto as well!

Here it is:

Money is no longer our greatest motivation; adventure is. We place much more importance on experiences rather than things.

We do not put money in front of our health.

We give more generously with no strings attached.

We’re not perfect. Nor do we want to be. We make mistakes which we learn from and do better next time.

We just want to be better people who are better with our money, better with our actions, and better with our time. There is always room for improvement; always something to learn.

We want to lead more meaningful lives. We want to inspire. We want to be more deliberate with our thoughts and actions.

We want to slow things down. We want to simplify them. We want to let go sooner. We want to forgive more easily.

We aren’t content with scarcity; we search for abundance. We don’t want either/or. We want yes, and.

We practice selective sacrifice. We know there are some things that we can never have and we’re okay with that.

We work hard but not just for work’s sake. We always have the end goal in mind.

We live near the fine line of balance between enjoying today and planning for the future.

We know that mostly everything isn’t permanent so we enjoy things while we can.

We hustle through the struggle. We don’t get flustered. We don’t give up. We keep pushing forward.

We are the Self Employed Movement.