Getting Rid of Shit We Don’t Need….Oh, and a Book Giveaway!


So what’s with the bags?

Partially inspired by Andrew taking action, but mostly my wife cleaning the shit out of our house, we finally got rid of shit we didn’t need. We’ve been putting it off forever but we finally did it!

Highlights of what we got rid of:

  • Tupperware – Anything that didn’t have a partner got tossed
  • Coozies – There’s only 2 of us….why do we need 12 coozies?! Probably for the one time a year we have a bunch of people over but it’s just not worth the clutter.
  • Cups, napkins, and wine from our Housewarming Party last December – This shit hasn’t moved in basically 8 months! Safe to say it was no longer needed.
  • Clothes and shoes – There’s no reason to have that many shirts. You can’t possibly wear all of them. Most of mine were from past business ventures and it was just time to move on.
  • Packing supplies and cardboard boxes – These were leftover from this failed business idea. No need to have it laying around, no matter how neatly they’re stacked in the corner.
  • Some creepy dolls that I don’t even want to share a picture of – Yes, they’re that creepy. My mom gave them to me to try to sell on eBay but I never got around to it. Better to get rid of them before my house needs an exorcism.
  • Junk drawer – This is where mostly everything you know you probably won’t need but you want to keep it just in case goes. We had stuff from when we first moved in over a year ago. It was time to get rid of it.
  • Food seasoning that expired in 2011 – Oops! I guess we didn’t like those flavors too much…
  • Candles – For people that hardly ever burn candles, we had a shit ton. Just no need for these anymore!
  • Books – I’ll share more about these in a bit.

So what does getting rid of a bunch of stuff have to do with becoming self-employed?

  • I realized how much money I’ve wasted on random shit and I’ve become a more conscious spender. This will help me save money so I can save just to save, invest in business ideas, or pay off debt quicker. Having this sort of freedom will help make my self-employment journey easier. The less I need to make to spend on dumb shit, the less I need to stress about making money in my business(es.)
  • I felt better about getting rid of stuff. If less is more, then more is less. It felt like I got rid of some baggage and I was able to think more clearly. This is good for anyone, especially someone trying to do something crazy like become self-employed.
  • It’s not just the things that go, the memories and emotions go with it. It’s a fresh start and everyone can use that every once in a while.
  • Whatever could be recycled got recycled. This made me a more conscious consumer. It made me think about what I could do without; what I really needed to be happy or successful or content. It made me think of things that were bigger than myself. It was nice to not be so wasteful. This is a good trait of being self-employed….making every second and every dollar count.
  • Everything else was donated. It feels good to help out those that are less fortunate than myself. I was paying it forward for when I need help when things get tough. I realized that there were plenty of others out there that aren’t as fortunate as me and I realized how grateful I am for everything I have. The whole point of me becoming self-employed is to impact others in a positive way better than I currently am at my job. (There’s just so much value I can add to your life by cashing your check.)

What about those books above?


I bought these books a while ago on Amazon. Fuck it, I’ll buy another book that was recently purchased together by other customers! Needless to say, I never got around to reading them. It’s not that I don’t like Richard Branson; I think he’s a hell of an entrepreneur, but, I’m just not going to get around to reading these books anytime soon so my loss is your gain.

Want one of the books above?

It’s easy. Just share the shit out of my blog whichever way you’d prefer: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, US Mail (not recommended,) etc.

Then send an email to to let me know that you shared it along with your shipping info and 3 lucky, random readers will get a book shipped to them free of charge.

Simple enough, right?