“The Key for Landing an Internship”

That’s the title of an email I got from the college that I just graduated from.

Here’s the body:

“Hours and hours go by, still nothing.You can’t find internships anywhere. We understand internships can be tough to track down. They don’t just show up.

A student came to the Career Management Office with an idea; we should bring the internships to you. Since we get daily emails from companies asking for USFSP Business majors to be interns, we found a solution.

A curated list of internships sent directly to your inbox.

This will save you time and make it easier to build a career after college. Once you subscribe you’ll receive an email every two weeks detailing the latest opportunities for business majors.

We have the internships and you need them. Click to start receiving those bi-weekly emails.”

So if you’re having trouble landing a job or internship, you clearly aren’t alone. There were probably about 250 business students in my graduating class. If they’re putting this much effort into getting students connected with internships, then there clearly is a problem. The system is broken.

It used to be something like this: Get a degree = Get a job.

Now its something like this: Get a degree = Maybe get a job but probably not. Try to get an internship, any internship, and maybe land one.

You don’t know what to do so you consider getting a Master’s to make yourself more “marketable” to employers. This gets you even more in student loan debt but it defers the payment so kill 2 birds with 1 stone. But the problem is, everyone else who can’t get a job or internship has the same idea so this doesn’t make you different. It doesn’t make you special. You’re stuck in the same predicament except you’re 2 years older and even more in debt. It’s a vicious fuckin’ cycle.

The supply of individuals currently holding a Bachelor’s Degree is too high and the supply of jobs that require individuals holding a Bachelor’s Degree is low. The demand clearly isn’t there as well.

So what should you do? Stop relying on recruiters to give you the “opportunity” to have a job or internship. Stop wasting your life sitting, hoping, waiting, wishing.

Change games. Get out of the rat race. Take control of your fate. Learn something. Better yourself. Control your time, control your life: start a business.