Now This is How You Show Some Appreciation!

I talked about showing appreciation for your fans aka your customers in a previous post, “Focus on What Makes You Awesome.”

Want to know how to show your fans (customers) that you appreciate them?

Something like this would do the trick:


My fiancée works for an event rental company so if you need chairs, tents, tables, etc. for a huge event like a wedding, concert, or party, you need to know her.

What you can see in the picture is a gift she received from a wedding planner. It included a bag, drink tumbler, sunglasses, and a personalized hand-written note that expressed the wedding planner’s gratitude.

Guess how many other wedding planners got my fiancée something?


So guess who my fiancée would recommend if a customer asks if she knows any good wedding planners?

Yup. That wedding planner that took the time to make my fiancée feel appreciated. The wedding planner could have given just one or two of those gifts or even just the hand written note. But she didn’t. She went over the top. She made sure my fiancée felt special. She definitely got her point across.

The wedding planner also took certain action that will set her apart and probably ultimately lead to more sales: she recognized who the gatekeeper was and she made them feel special. You’d probably think the most important person to make feel good would be the owner but it wasn’t. He’s not the one who deals directly with the majority of customers; my fiancée is. Her money and effort probably would have been wasted if she went after the owner so she picked the right person.

She made my fiancée’s day and it was awesome to hear what happened to her! I don’t know anything else about the wedding planner, not even her name, but if anyone were to randomly ask me if I know of a good wedding planner, I’d definitely recommend her!

Without knowing it, that wedding planner made a positive, lasting impact in our lives. That’s how you network. That’s how you show appreciation and that’s how you should do business!

So what can you do to show your appreciation without having to ship a bunch of awesomeness to your fans?

You can:

  • Send them a personalized message that shows your appreciation. When was the last time someone’s done this for you?
  • If they purchase something from you, write a handwritten note on their invoice. This makes the transaction more personable…more human. They feel more connected to you and that’s what business is all about.
  • Endorse them on your social networks. Show everyone else how awesome they are. Lift them up. It’s a humbling experience when this happens to you!
  • Give them extras! You love getting free stuff, right? Well, your fans do too! Slip something extra in their shipment or just randomly ask them for their address so you can ship something cool to them!! Cool, but what about privacy? When someone is around for a while and is a fan, there’s a certain level of trust that’s built. Don’t come off as a creep and let them know why you’re asking for your address. More than likely, they’ll understand and be stoked as shit that something is coming their way!

In order for these things to make a lasting impression on your fans, don’t expect anything in return. Don’t ask them to tell others how cool you are. Don’t expect that doing these things will make them buy more stuff from you. Don’t use what you did to exploit them and make them feel like they owe you one.

Don’t really expect a response either. I’m not saying that in a negative way but people, (your fans,) have their own thing going on. Maybe they quickly glanced at your message during lunch and simply forgot to reply? It’s okay. Don’t hold it against them. It’s not the end of the world if they don’t respond. You did your part.

Do you think you can incorporate some of these ideas into the way you do business? Thoughts and comments are always appreciated!


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