It’s not me, video games. It’s you!

Dear video games,

Let’s not drag this on longer than it has to. We both knew that this day would eventually come. We’ve had a good run but it’s time for me to move on.

It’s time for me to be more productive; to be more present; to finally let go.

You’ve been a crutch to help me avoid getting down to business. You’ve been something to “waste time” with and “switch off” after a hard day at work.

Playing you forВ onlyВ 30 minutes would more often than not turn into an all-day affair.

I leveled up instead of running errands or cleaning up the house.

That got me nowhere in my everyday life. Just in the dog house with my wife.

You just aren’t worth it anymore.

I have big dreams and big goals and you’re just holding me back. You’re literally a waste of my time.

I spent 28 hours and 43 minutes on the latest installment of you, Far Cry: Primal.

Just imagine if I did something else instead?

I could have caught up on sleep….or wrote a bunch of blog posts…or started another business…or anything else.

I’m done with you wasting my time.

Letting go is very difficult for me. We’ve been through a lot together. You’ve been around ever since I was little. You’d keep me entertained for hours and out of trouble. You even went with to college and were very popular with my roommates. Rock Band and Call of Duty were cornerstones of our entertainment.

But that ends now.

I’m turning a new leaf in my life and you’re the easiest thing to get rid of. You’re nothing but dead weight. You’re dead to me now!

It’s time to get serious about leading a better life and you’ve been holding me back.

It’s not me; it’s you!


  1. Oh man, this is great! Video games came back into my life via my kids (#+$@!^ Splatoon!). Fun in moderation, but so easy to lose our valuable time.

    Good read, thanks for taking the time to write this up rather than wasting the afternoon on Destiny 😛


  2. […] Marc from Self Employed Movement gave the ol’ heave ho to video games after realizing they are dead weight in his life. Recognizing a waste of time = […]


  3. I am constantly finding myself in battles with my kids over video games. Get outside. Ride your bike. Read a book. Do anything besides play video games.

    The head of our children’s school actually discussed this with us at lunch the other day. From his perspective, the quality of entertainment is so high that whether it’s a video game, a television show, a movie, an app, website, whatever, it can be very hard to put it down.

    We actually resort to using technology to shut down their access.


    • I wasted a lot of my youth playing video games and I’m starting to regret it. Thankfully I had a promising soccer career when I was growing up so I spent a lot of time doing that and everything that comes with it. There’s so many distractions for kids these days that I’m not surprised that this is such a big issue. Thanks for sharing!


    • Fifa and Far Cry were my most recent addictions. The Sims, Runescape, and Sim City are some big ones from my past. The struggle is real the first couple of weeks but it gets easier after that. Stay strong!


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