Watch Polish TV anywhere 24/7

When something bad comes out of the box, we call it Pandora’s. When something wonderful, we call it the streaming box for the Internet TV. For some, it is a great source of information, for others – of entertainment and education. The best content is coming 24/7/365 to Canada and is being provided by PolBox.TV .


Polish channels unlimited

People still dream to beat time and space. Meanwhile, it has already become possible with Polish TV in Canada. The two countries are seven thousand kilometers away and an ocean apart, 9 hours of flight and at least 9 hours of time lag. But you instantly get to Poland from Canada if you watch Polish TV.

  • 120+ Polish channels  
  • 5 of most popular national radio stations
  • more than three thousand foreign movies translated and scored in the Polish language

All brought directly to your apartment, cabin, car, boat or hammock in one piece by PolBox.TV.

Polish TV in Canada and around the globe

To tune into online TV, you need to connect your streaming box to any device with a screen you possess, be it a TV set, a PC, a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone or even a PlayStation console. You are not going to need any cables getting tangled around the house or satellite dishes to decorate its roof. Also, you can manage the installation yourself, without inviting the tech staff.

Polish TV on the Internet becomes available in a few seconds, opening a whole new amazing world of multimedia sources in front of you: news, shows, sports broadcasts, movies and so much more. Online TV software remembers your search scenarios and creates your personal profile to make the service even quicker and more convenient. And the technical support of PolBox.TV is there 24/7 to assist you if any issue arises.


Polish TV online anywhere you go

You can stream Polish television online even if the connection is slow. Here are some other advantages of this top-notch technology:

  • you can change the schedule of the Polish channels according to your time-zone
  • use Archive for 14 days to see tv later 
  • watch different content on several devices simultaneously
  • pre-order movies to your library
  • lock certain (adult) channels for a younger audience in your family
  • turn off the service and not pay for it while you are on vacation or off on the business trip

There is a three-day trial period offered by PolBox.TV when you get to try the best package and see for yourself what you will be paying for. You can also share the best experiences of Internet TV in the special global community run by PolBox.TV customers.